Saturday, February 17, 2007

The first prints are here

now I just have to figure out which I want to use. I think it is so funny how a grown woman can jump up and down over a package! They look great but I don't see a huge difference. The mate is of course less *shiny* but the quality is all the same. The prices range from $1.50 mate to $2.00 on glossy cardstock. What to do? A friend of mine said that she had problems with her glossy home printed digital pictures sticking to the page protectors. I am wondering if the mate will be better for that reason.

I'll post latter with what I decide to do!

Dare #24, and my first download!

Finally, four weeks of playing around and I think I am getting the hang of this. Today I taught myself how to make *circles* they are way fun. I just had to figure it out, since I had this vision in my head thanks to digi dare (checkout the link below). I am using Microsoft Picture It! and tutorials *hard* to find. If your thinking the shadows look funny that's because they are highlights. Hopefully I can get an upgrade to add drop shadows. If you know of somewhere let me know, please!

The layout idea was inspired by Digi-Dare Ya!. Every week they add a new dare to keep us scrapin'. I am so glad I took the challenge. Come on, join was fun!

Thanks for looking, please let me know what you think!