Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dare #24, and my first download!

Finally, four weeks of playing around and I think I am getting the hang of this. Today I taught myself how to make *circles* they are way fun. I just had to figure it out, since I had this vision in my head thanks to digi dare (checkout the link below). I am using Microsoft Picture It! and tutorials *hard* to find. If your thinking the shadows look funny that's because they are highlights. Hopefully I can get an upgrade to add drop shadows. If you know of somewhere let me know, please!

The layout idea was inspired by Digi-Dare Ya!. Every week they add a new dare to keep us scrapin'. I am so glad I took the challenge. Come on, join was fun!

Thanks for looking, please let me know what you think!


andrea said...

I love the title! Great blog. I know I will visit it often! I love the page inspiration. Great picture too! Ooohhhhh, I can't wai tuntil I do a Digi-dare-ya! Sounds like fun, and might get me scrapbooking again! Love it! Keep up the great work Mandy!

mimi said...

Hi there! I love your lo, and I just read that you use 'mpi'. That is what I use also. Although, I just upgraded to pse4, I still Love to use mpi, it's sooo user friendly.
To add a drop shadow on your paper or elements using mpi, click on the object that you want shadowed, then go to 'effects and illusions', then click shadows, click on the one that says 'drop right' (this works well on elements mostly, and shadows to the right are more realistic looking). For paper, I usually drop shadow'soft'.
Hope this helps and feel free to ask me questions regarding mpi, it doesn't do everything, but for the most part it does do a lot.
Goiod Luck

Karen Bowers said...

very nice motion and flow on that layout. you nailed the digidare!

Stampaholic said...

Hey Girl,

Why didn't you tell me you have a blog!!!